A clean mattress for peace of mind and a peaceful sleep!

We clean our clothes and we clean ourselves, but how often do we clean our Mattress?

If we spend 8 hours a night in bed, that means we spend 56 hours a week on our mattress.  This amounts to 242 hours a month and 2912 hours a year!

All this time we sweat, our skin and hair give out their natural oils and we also lose billions of tiny skin cells. Hundreds of thousands of tiny dust mites are in our mattress living off of the debris we leave behind. The dust mites feces is even smaller and, when we breath this in or when it touches our skin, it can cause allergies and exacerbate conditions such as Asthma, Rhinitis and Eczema.

We clean your Mattress in a number of ways, which will leave it clean refreshed and allergen free.

  • We vacuum the mattress to remove any loose debris.
  • We pass a powerful ultraviolet light over the mattress, this kills any dist mites.
  • We treat any stains which may be present on the mattress
  • We now apply a powerful yet safe cleaning solution.
  • Using our specialist hand tool we extract and rinse out the cleaning solution and any soils with it.
  • At this stage if you wish we can apply an Allergy guard protector which prevents the growth of dust mites.
  • We now dry the mattress using a specialist air mover.

Our professional mattress cleaning services are available in Newton Abbot, Torquay, Paignton, Exeter, Plymouth, Teignmouth, Kingsteignton, Ivybridge, Totnes, Dawlish, Bovey Tracey, Chudleigh, Ashburton, South Brent, Buckfastleigh, Bishopsteignton and everywhere in between.

If you would like you Mattress cleaned and revitalized call now on 01364 653221

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